April 8, 2008

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a BBC created documentary that comes to you in a 5 DVD collection. The photography is phenomenal. I have only watched disc one so far, but am hoping that the quality continues in this series that really makes me appreciate the world I live in. All together, there are 11 documentaries in this series each dealing with a different ecosystem and a final documentary that looks at the future of our planet.  It is masterfully narrated by David Attenborough whose voice knows just how to fluctuate to draw you further into the beautiful imagery.

This was a joy to watch with my 5 year old daughter. She was so inquisitive about everything on screen that we have had numerous conversations in the last 2 days about climate, mountains, animals as well as animals eating other animals. She has decided that if she was a wolf or a crocodile or a snow leopard that she would be nice to the other animals rather than eat them.

The cinematography blew me away. I kept wishing my television was an IMAX screen so that I could have a closer experience. My TV didn't do the film justice. There is a shot of some migrating birds that you initially look at and think, "Gee, that's a lot of birds." Then the camera starts to pull back and back and back. Now, THAT'S a lot of birds.

Seriously consider renting this series.  It is many hours of television viewing, but well worth your time.  

5 out of 5 stars

What to eat with this documentary delight?  Perhaps a fruit & vegetable plate.  Maybe a bit of cheese.  Oh and a good wine, red or white will do. 


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